From FAILING STUDENT to ROCKET SCIENTIST – The Motivational Video that Will Change Your Life

From FAILING STUDENT to ROCKET SCIENTIST – The Motivational Video that Will Change Your Life

This is what Olympia LePoint learned that helped her go from a Failing Student to a Rocket Scientist. These motivational videos are created to motivate and encourage students to study for exams, work hard, and work toward their careers.

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Olympia LePoint:

Olympia LePoint is an American author, professional public speaker and award-winning rocket scientist.


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TACKLING NEET/JEE BEING AN IGCSE STUDENT (Resources in the description)

TACKLING NEET/JEE BEING AN IGCSE STUDENT (Resources in the description)

We talked about the intricacies of the possibilities faced by the IGCSE students where the lack of calculators and diverse guides leaves these students confused. Which further leads to a myriad of psychological and social disturbances that could’ve been prevented with a few precautionary steps and support from it’s family.

Making the move

It’d be recommended that the student make the right move at the right time, which is moving to preferably a CBSE school as soon as they finish their IGCSE’s, and carry on their education from here further on. CBSE’s syllabus matches well with JEE/NEET’s curriculum and is thus the most suitable board to attend. However the shift from IGCSE to CBSE itself would not be an easy road, however a few of our ex-students had a few tips that we think would be of great help to you.
IGCSE curriculum relies on the well-being of the students knowledge and wants it’s students to have options when it comes to learning. However on the other hand, the CBSE curriculum wants it’s student to mug-up “rich” content in order to have the upper hand in colleges.
To overcome the knowledge gap it’d be recommended that the child prepare themselves the right way. It’d be best of you start practicing whilst in the last few weeks of IGCSE. You should still only focus on your IGCSE exams, however you can implement a few of these actions to start your transition. One of them would include to start practicing mental math, you can do this by avoiding the calculators for minor calculations and later move on to the intrinsic ones.

Once the IGCSE examinations end you’ll have around 4 months to transition, this is where you can get your NCERT books and join classes , or.. save a whole lot of money by logging on to merit store and downloading our resources at a reasonable price.

Adapting to the move

Now that you’ve made the decision and worked your butt off during the vacations it’s now time to implement and perform well in your CBSE curriculum. Make sure you stay on par with your CBSE curriculum as you will not be allowed to give the exams unless you score at least 75% in these exams, another crucial part of the CBSE curriculum are the practicals so donot let yourself hinder there either.

It’d be recommended that you spend at least 4-5 hours after school everyday practicing and revising what’s been done in school and slowly transition into past papers and NCERT books. The secret to be able to solve JEE/NEET effortlessly is to be able to solve papers in a time constraint.
You can tackle this by solving as many past papers and possible and checking your papers yourself to understand where you’re having problems.

Maintaining your motivation and productivity

Once you’ve built momentum, it’s important that you maintain this. You can either do this by making a time-table with set number of breaks, having enough time for your social and family life. You can even have minimum time-consuming hobby in order to have an outlet for your stress.

Tips for parents/students/teachers watching

Be supportive, be interested in your child’s works and wishes
Work for quality not quantity
Appreciate each other’s effort’s and often express gratitude
Believe in yourself.


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College Discovery: Student testimonials

College Discovery: Student testimonials

Two students in the College Discovery Program share their experiences and express their opinion about the services and support they have received from the program. As active program participants, these students provide a unique perspective on the benefits they have received, and invite prospective students to consider this option in the college application process.
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