Classroom Technology in 2017

Classroom Technology in 2017

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Source: Classroom Technology: What’s New For 2017?
By George Jones.
The invention of new technologies and improvement of old ones has shown no signs of slowing down for 2017. Cutting edge teachers will want to ensure that they’re up to date on all the latest trends and innovations so that their students are learning with the best technology available.
Many recent trends are expected to continue in 2017 and find their way into the classroom. From inexpensive virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses to better mobile device operating systems, educators should know what to expect in 2017.
Technology in the Classroom.
The number of devices and uses for tech in the classroom has been steadily increasing over the years. According to a recent survey of 2,500 educators, 60% of teachers expect to use more technology in the classroom than in the past this current school year. Three out of four say they use some sort of technology each day in class, with as many as 80% reporting that technology is a positive in the classroom.
The most popular technology used in classrooms has been small laptops and tablets. Apple iPads and other tablets were adopted early by many schools because of their easy interface and touchscreens. Tablet apps can allow for fun learning in young students and has found many new uses with disabled students.
In recent years, Chromebooks have become the go-to classroom device due to their low cost, various hardware options, and simple Web-based operating systems. These small laptops also provide educators with control over students activities and can be preprogrammed with education apps. Students are able to use Chromebooks for everything from group collaboration on spreadsheets and documents to research opportunities. Chromebooks can be especially useful in schools where students have limited access to devices and Internet at home.
Tech-savvy teachers have also been adopting SMART Boards in the classroom in recent years. These computer-connected white boards use a projector and specialty pen sensors to allow writing on computer programs such as AutoCAD or PowerPoint as well as recording all written notes. Teachers can explain a concept on the board during class then save the lesson plan so that students can rewatch it later at home. It’s a great tool for students of all ages and a number of disciplines.

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THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study 2017

THE MINDSET OF HIGH ACHIEVERS – Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study 2017

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The 100 Best Online Colleges for 2017 | The Best Schools

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Korea EPIK Program 2017: Teacher Korean Apartment Tour | Teach English in Korea

Korea EPIK Program 2017: Teacher Korean Apartment Tour | Teach English in Korea

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-Where do I live?
-What should you expect from a standard EPIK apartment?
Hope you enjoyed the video, if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.

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