Shape-Morphing Smart Materials; The Future of Assistive Technology | Mark C Ransley | TEDxUCL

Since the dawn of history assistive technologies have helped us overcome all manner of disabilities and lead more fulfilling lives, however the technologies available are far from ideal. Researchers at UCL have been exploring the potential of shape-morphing smart materials as a basis for soft-robotic assistive exoskeletons. In this talk Mark covers assistive devices, artificial muscles, architectured materials and advanced 3D printing techniques and offers a glimpse of a future where the wheelchair has become a thing of the past.

Mark is a researcher and inventor currently working towards a PhD at UCL. Originally trained as a mathematician, he began his scientific career modelling viral dynamics at Pfizer and has focused on finding creative applications of mathematics to a range of problems in healthcare ever since. He teaches a masters module on innovation, design and prototyping of assistive devices and has served as a communicator and consultant for both the European Commission and the BBC.

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