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Find out how a primary school has tailored classroom layouts, resources and lesson activities to help pupils with dyslexia with their learning. Dr Kate Saunders of the British Dyslexia Association explains the strengths of dyslexic learners. To help pupils learn, activities should be physically active and have plenty of colour 3D objects to learn best. In a maths lesson at Southfield Junior School, the teacher lays out hoops across the floor to reinforce learning on multiplication and division. Dr Saunders explains how even the location of a lesson round the class can help pupils remember better. The teacher shows how colourful displays can be useful for pupils with dyslexia to have a reference, and explains how pupils can be confused by black letters on a white board. By simply dimming the board, this visual stress can be mitigated and pupils have a better chance of learning. All of these methods also give pupils a greater sense of self worth. Licensed to CPD College Ltd.