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best nationally accredited online colleges
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nationally accredited online colleges what are the best places to take online courses after college typically pursuing an advanced degree from a regionally accredited online university or enrolling in an online masters program offered through a prestigious brick-and-mortar College like Harvard or Yale is found to be the most impressive with employers granted not everyone can get into these online programs offered by these well-known schools and not everyone has the funds to pay for these high-dollar master programs with that said consider looking at state graduate schools and see which ones offer online programs if they do not then you can consider looking into a nationally accredited online graduate programs just make sure that you truly investigate the accrediting agency and dash some illegitimate online schools will say that they are accredited by an agency but with a quick Google search you will discover that the agency is completely bogus you also want to make sure that credits are transferable you have some sort of capstone project thesis or internship required at the end of the program and that it takes you about the same amount of length to earn your degree as if pursuing one in a traditional setting
Difference Between Regional and National University
regional vs national university regional accreditation of a university is based upon location while national accreditation is not region specific and there is nothing to suggest that national universities are any better or more important than regional universities national colleges and universities often enjoy higher reputation but regional universities are often better suited to the aspirations of students when you are ready to pursue higher education selection of college or university matters a lot this is because most parents want their kids to attend colleges having a good reputation and teaching standards besides ranking high in the eyes of the prospective employers in the industry there are regional and national universities confusing students as they cannot make up their mind whether to join a reputable regional university or to go for that Ivy League as it is known nationally and even internationally as to enable students to take a decision accordingly regional University there are six regional agencies spread across the country that are involved in the task of accreditation of colleges and universities colleges and universities can apply for regional accreditation with the agency that falls in this area or region once the institution gets accreditation it is labeled as a regional university the most popular regional universities in the country are University of Phoenix UCLA Harvard and the Ohio State University national university national accreditation can be obtained by a university located in any part of the country and it is not regions specific colleges and universities opt for national accreditation when they feel that their mode of education is different from the traditional or the regional flavor and they are fit to be compared with similar colleges or universities across the country on the basis of their system of instruction or the content of the courses offered these are also colleges that are hard to fit into the molds that are conceived by regional accreditation agencies national universities are known for their full range of degree course and programs these include bachelor level degree courses masters and doctoral programs these institutions are also known for their research facilities
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the online college or the online university that I go to is Kaplan University I have been going since March of this year actually applied the day I brought Avery home from the hospital I applied to go to Kaplan I had been searching for it for many different online colleges online degrees for a while I was originally intending to go to a community college and then after a couple of years potentially transferring into a university that was kind of like my plan throughout high school and then a couple years after high school I took two years off in between high school in college I don’t mind it it did I don’t know I don’t regret it or anything like that I you know kind of had like a two year off period and I know for a lot of people that can be kind of hard because once people go you know we’re out of school and they realize what it’s like to be out of school they don’t want to go at least that’s what I have heo years off