Grant Fund and Subsidize Any Project, Especially E Rate and Educational Technology 20161117 1612 1

Don’t let missed deadlines keep you from getting funding for your educational technology projects.

End of the year busyness could lead to missed deadlines in applying for grants and subsidies for education projects.

The Network Team and Crystal Works GETS Solutions invite you to a brief webinar discussing available funding especially for technology initiatives.

Topics covered include:
– How we can help with frequent mistakes schools make when assessing their technology needs
– Updated, concise and clear information on changes to eRate for 2016-2017.
– Details on other funding options including private and public grants

E-Rate deadlines are approaching – while filings have already started 3 months ago. Crystal Works GETS Solutions can help you obtain tens of thousands of funding dollars for your technology budget.

TNT is an E-rate service provider in North Carolina. Our highly certified technicians have over 5 years of experience working with K-12 schools and libraries.

Crystal Works GETS Solutions maximizes your E-rate return via increased eligibility for technology hardware and technology support services. Through the course of 17 plus years of grant experience, over $19,000,000 has been successfully brought to schools, libraries, head starts, and other institutions throughout our great nation.