School Management Software Offline – Demo

School Management Software Offline – Demo

School Management Software Offline – Demo

School Management Software Offline – VihaanSchoolERP – includes all modules like Admission, Student Maintenance, Staff Maintenance,Attendance, Payroll, Fee Management, Transport Management, Inventory Management, Accounts Management, Reports for Fee collection, Dues, Discount, Sale Report, Stock Report, Attendance etc.,
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American Online High Schools New York

American Online High Schools New York

American Online High Schools New York

If education for your child is important and their future college prospects are too, then you are probably interested in an American high school in New York. Although some schools in New York will provide a “similar” to an American high school education, we are offering you for the first time anywhere a limited time opportunity to enroll your child in a real United States American high school in New York.

Over the last year our administrators of our public high school in the United States have worked endlessly at the request of families in New York to allow students from New York to enroll in our high school through a virtual platform. We are very excited to announce that we are now open for enrollment and have an impressive program to offer families who are serious about gaining an American high school diploma for their children. Our American online high schools for New York will allow your son or daughter to gain the same competitive edge our U.S. students are getting and reap the potential that a real public high school in the United States can offer your child.

1. One great benefit is that some schools claim to have top accreditation, but a public high school in the United States meets the highest standards for the Department of Education in the United States and is honored by colleges and universities as a staple of a quality education.

2. Our American high school for New York students, will allow your child to complete all their classes online.

3. With high academic achievement we have a program in place that can enable your son or daughter a pathway to be able to finish their final high school year in the United States at our actual school (this is not a necessity though to graduate).

4. Once your child completes their American online high school classes we assist your son or daughter by providing a pathway towards a high quality university education.

We have a lot of benefits to offer but we have only a limited number of students we can take from any one place. Reserve your child’s spot in the American high school program today for New York and go to our website and complete the contact form. We respectfully request that you leave a good time to contact you back and request that the contact person be someone who is able to speak English.

The Future is bright, be part of the first real U.S.A. public high school to enroll students in New York.

Colleges Are Brainwashing Our Kids, and We Are Paying Them To Do It | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 13

Colleges Are Brainwashing Our Kids, and We Are Paying Them To Do It | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 13

Colleges Are Brainwashing Our Kids, and We Are Paying Them To Do It | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 13

With a few exceptions, the university system is viciously hostile to the values we try to instill in our children. Most colleges will seek to override and undo your child’s moral and spiritual formation. Yet, for some reason, we keep giving our money and our kids to these cesspools of lunacy and intellectual depravity. Will we ever learn our lesson?

How to Get a Teaching Job in Dubai | Teach Me Vogue

How to Get a Teaching Job in Dubai | Teach Me Vogue

How to Get a Teaching Job in Dubai | Teach Me Vogue

** If you are looking to go through a teacher recruitment agency, check out ‘CHARDCHRISTIE QUALITY RECRUITMENT’ – An excellent teacher recruitment agency I’ve gotten to know over the last few months.

E-mail Peter to land yourself a job:


So guys, I really hope you liked my video on ‘HOW TO GET A TEACHING JOB IN DUBAI’ and found out information to help you get on your way to securing that teaching job in Dubai.

Please feel free to share this video with fellow teachers and comment below if you have any questions. 🙂 I’d be happy to help you out!


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1.Basic requirements (2:34)
2. How to find your desirable school (4:20)
3. How to apply for jobs (5:25)
4. The interview (7:19)
5. Required documents (9:43)




1. Tell me about yourself

2. What is your greatest strength?

3. What is your greatest weakness?

4. What is your teaching philosophy?

5. Describe what your classroom looks like.

6. What strategies do you use to motivate children to learn?

7. What management strategies do you use for child with behavioural issues?

8. How do you accommodate for different learning abilities in your classroom?

9. How would you accommodate for a child with SEN in your class?

10. How do you use technology in your classroom to improve your teaching?

11. Describe the elements of an outstanding lesson?

12. Tell us about an outstanding lesson you have taught in the past?

13. How did you know it was a successful lesson?

14. What types of formative assessment do you use in your classroom?

15. Do you think teacher- parent communication is important and how do you involve the parents in the student’s learning process?

16. How do you communicate student progress with parents?

17. If an angry or upset parent came to you during teaching-time, how would you handle the situation?

18. What challenges do you think you will face in Dubai?

19. Why do you want to teach in our school?

20. Why should we hire you?



1. Are there opportunities for professional development in the school?

2. Do you have a mentoring program for new teachers?

3. What types of technology are available in the school?

4. Is there time allocated every week for team/grade collaboration to share ideas and resources?


Teaching Degree
*Teaching License
1-3 Employer References
Garda/Police Clearance Form
Coloured Copy of your Passport
Passport-Sized Photos
Attested Documents




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Snapchat: teachmevogue


Fingers crossed you get the job!

Aoife x

How I’m Finding + Applying to NON-TEACHING Jobs in KOREA!

Applications are out. Resumes are being reviewed. THE JOB HUNT HAS BEGUN! Here I go over my resources and tools in finding and applying to NON-TEACHING jobs in Korea!

My background is in advertising, with concentrations in both copywriting and art direction. I have had 3 internships dealing with social media and writing (some design, but not a ton). Admittedly, it is MUCH EASIER for my field to find relevant jobs than others, but get creative. You never know what low-key skill you have that job-seekers want, even if the position isn’t in your expected field!

Finding a non-teaching job in Seoul is my #1, but if I’m not finding anything I love, then I will teach. I wouldn’t hate teaching – I would probably really love it, but working in the ad world is still first priority.

Resources mentioned:


LinkedIn – If your resume had a Facebook, this is it

Craigslist – some creepy people, but a lot of REAL opportunities, too!

Facebook group, “Non-Teaching Job Seekers Korea” – request access and flourish – mostly in Korean, if you can handle it

worknplay – mostly teaching jobs, but occasional non-teaching

saramin – really works, but entire website in Korean

I hope these things helped!!! Go forth and flourish my little beans, whether it be in the job hunt, school, or anything else you’re doing in life!

Stay well,
– Rachel