Concrete Volume of Retaining Wall | Type 2 | Learning Technology

Concrete Volume of Retaining Wall | Type 2 | Learning Technology

Concrete Volume of Retaining Wall | Type 2 | Learning Technology

Concrete Volume of Retaining Wall | Type 2 | Learning Technology

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5 Essential College Tips Every Student Should Know | juicyyyyjas | JuicyJas

5 Essential College Tips Every Student Should Know | juicyyyyjas | JuicyJas

5 Essential College Tips Every Student Should Know | juicyyyyjas | JuicyJas

Hey loves! Here are my TOP 5 essential tips for college, I hope they are useful for you this year & other years to come 🙂 Good luck to all of you this semester whether you’re off to college or high school.. I send you all my love! YOU GOT THIS! Love you guys XO

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Can Kerbal Space Program Really Teach Rocket Science

Can Kerbal Space Program Really Teach Rocket Science

Can Kerbal Space Program Really Teach Rocket Science

This is a video version of a talk I’ve given to small groups of educators, scientists and parents, I figure that it’s worth making a version that can be shared.

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I wish I remembered the titles, but I’m writing this when I’m 30 miles from the computer I edited this on.

TEACH IN SPAIN | Should I apply to CIEE, BEDA, or the Ministry of Education Program in Spain?

Overwhelmed by all the options to teach abroad in Spain? I’ve narrowed down the options to the three most popular programs and share my insights on which program might be right for you!
***Moving to Spain Guide:

Teaching abroad in Spain has become more popular than ever, and with the increasing popularity, the number of programs in Spain has increased as well. The three most popular programs are the North American Language and Cultural Ambassadors Program (The Ministry Program), CIEE, and BEDA.

The North American Language and Cultural Ambassadors Program is run by the Ministry of Education, that is why I call it the Ministry Program in the video. It is free to apply, but they don’t really help you with Visa processing or accommodations. This isn’t really a big deal if you live outside of the region of Madrid. In Madrid, getting your Visa paperwork processed can get messy and the apartment search can be a nightmare if it’s your first time there. That is why I recommend two other options below.

CIEE is not actually a separate program. It is a glorified luxury version of the Ministry of Education Program. From what I understand, CIEE has bought up positions in the Ministry Program, and sells them to applicants at a premium, while offering enticing benefits such as VISA Support, Accommodations support, helping you open a bank account and get a SIM card for you cell, health Insurance, and general support. Also with CIEE you can take an optional TEFL Course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course) though it is not necessary or required for the program. You can also take a few weeks of Spanish classes before the school year begins. CIEE is your premium teach abroad service with a price tag of $1200-4200.

BEDA is a program run by the Catholic Schools in Madrid and you take additional teacher education courses during the program. There is small fee of 175 euros to apply, but from what I understand, the process is easier than the Ministry Program and they help you with the VISA, which is nice, because with the Ministry Program there is no support in that area.

In the video, I go over my opinion of when you should apply to each program and the benefits.

Let me know in the comments below which program you plan on applying to or which you have done and your experience!

Ministry Program – North American Language and Cultural Ambassadors Program

BEDA Program Website



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Helping Immigrant Students Adjust to New Schools, New Lives

Helping Immigrant Students Adjust to New Schools, New Lives

Helping Immigrant Students Adjust to New Schools, New Lives

A growing community of Somali immigrant families in St. Cloud, Minn., has presented multiple challenges for local educators who have been grappling with not only how to meet the students’ linguistic and educational needs, but also how to create a learning environment where they feel safe and welcome. Confronting anti-Muslim sentiment both inside the district and outside in the broader community has been especially vexing. Most of the Somali community in St. Cloud is Muslim.

To help build linguistic and cultural bridges between educators and the Somali community, school district leaders hired Ahmed Hassan and Bishar Hassan.

The two Somali brothers, who are bilingual communication support specialists, have duties that range from providing verbal and written translations into Somali and English, advising students, and helping both Somali residents and school district staff members navigate unfamiliar cultural terrain. The brothers are also leaders in St. Cloud’s Somali community.

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