My favorite among the 15 health apps is Sleep Pillow, it really helps me to go to sleep, I have a hard time sleeping at 10 pm (because my class starts at 7 am) I always end up scrolling and scrolling until 2 am, and every morning I am always sleepy and struggling to pay attention to class.

What is your favorite app among them?

1. All apps are NOT sponsored, all are based on my opinion and to some reviews on the app store
2. All videos are freestock/royalty free, it means I can freely use them in all purposes without being subjected to copyright. (creative commons) I got them from: pixabay.com

1. What is your real name?
2. What do you use to put your iphone screen on your desktop?
-Reflector 2
3. What do you use to record your screen?
– Camtasia 2
4. Where do you edit?
– Camtasia 2, Final cut pro, and imovies
5. Where can we send video/tutorial requests?
kik: macsquishy14

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